The Heating Ninja’s Story

Our Owner, Matt Dmytraszko tells his story on the creation of The Heating Ninja.

The journey to become “The Heating Ninja” started over 15 years ago, with receiving my red seal certificate in sheet metal. My first jobs were with residential construction; installing furnaces, humidifiers, and AC units and then I moved into new home construction, opening my expertise to ventilation systems.

I struck out on my own when the companies I was sub-contracting for fell on challenging times, after installing a few humidifiers under my own name I decided to purchase a corporation name and GST number. In 2011 MD’s Industries was born, but that name never struck a chord with my clients so just for fun, I tried out the company name: The Heating Ninja, and soon enough everyone I met loved the name.

Here we are now, 10 years in….

The Heating Ninja is well established in Calgary and surrounding areas with customers impressed with our honest work, competitive prices, and great service. Our team of qualified service technicians are paid hourly, so you know the work will be done right the first time. We specialize in heating and cooling for both residential and commercial properties. Providing quality HVAC services to clients has become a lifelong passion!

Matt Dmytraszko – Owner, The Heating Ninja – HVAC Mechanical Services

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