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Air Conditioning Installation, Service and Repair

With The heating Ninja, your AC System comes with a proper calculation for size and needs. We only supply brands that we feel comfortable installing for long term reliability and dependability.

We have to consider the work that is involved to complete the installation outdoor and indoor.

An outdoor condenser is the main unit that pumps the refrigeration through your system. The sound, efficiency and brand will determine that final price but also the coil inside the duct work.

There are 2 different types of coils: cased or uncased coil. Uncased coil is cut into the duct above the furnace. These types are sealed and are hard to access after the fact for any service work

Therefore the other is called a cased coil. These units are installed as a completed unit with access panels and are 100% efficient.

Both types will work just as good if sized and balanced properly, but in some cases a cased coil can’t be used if a retrofitted or small plenum is existing.

Factory TX Valves are used in most cases to meter the refrigerant and are built into cased coils.

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Air Conditioning Installation and Service

Common Questions and Concerns:
Everyone having a tough time sleeping due to the heat?
Do I need to change my furnace? What brand and type is best?
How long does it last? Is there a warranty or service plan?
Why is my air conditioner on but blowing warm air? I can’t cool my house when the AC is on?
Do I need any permits? How long will it take to install? How do I take care of it? Does it come with a cover?
Can I afford it?

There are lots to consider when Choosing an air conditioner or AC unit, as it is an investment, not an expense.

Choosing the right company can be tough, be sure to look for company offers, options, proven track records and options to support you for years to come.

Although price is a main factor, it is not always the best solution to go with the cheapest.

We offer financing and options that best suits your needs.  Click here for financing options.


We don’t skimp on the small stuff either

Instead of vinyl tubing we use hard pipe PVC for the condensation, seal all joints, straight line sets, secured power lines, sun-rated communication wire, flexible liquid tight, low ambient devices, disconnects and properly sized breakers for any inspection.

The Heating Ninja staff are trained to perform all aspects of the install. From brazing of the copper, pressure testing, making sure itis 100% sealed so that it may never leak, vacuumed and that its properly balanced with a digital temperature reader.

There is no AC permit required, however when we add a breaker to the house panel, an electrical permit is involved.

Outdoor unitsare preferred to be set on the ground. This is done on a supplied pad to reduce noise vibration, but brackets are common when or if needed.

Winter covers are an optional accessory at an extra cost, as these units are weathered for year round use.

Efficiency is rated as a SEER rating and comes as a single stage (13-17 seer), 2 stage, variable speed. 2 stage and variable speed units need a communicating furnace to operate them to their full capacity and potential. In most cases single stage condensers are used. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient it is for power consumption.

Your climates and all year use has to be considered to really make up for the expense and cost savings.

With 10 years of experience with Installs, we have chosen our trusted, reliable, and tested top brands so you can avoid sweating the small stuff:

Lennox, Keeprite, Armstrong, Goodman, Payne, Carrier, Tempstar, and Runtru

Requirements and Maintenance

In order for your system to work at its best with no interruption, you must keep your AC clean and ensure good airflow.

Furnace Filters are the biggest culprit and cocern with system issues: if dirty, thick or clogged your AC system will not reach areas in the house, or can potentially freeze - causing lack of airflow and warm air through your vents.

Plan annual maintenance services with The Heating Ninja to keep your unit working to the best of it capabilities and up to date on your warranty.

Your condensation trap should be cleaned out as well, this is to avoid any blockages that could possibly create a leak back into the furnace creating a bigger problem.

Most of our clients subscribe to our filter delivery program guaranteeing them the right filter and right time for replacement - delivered to you on schedule all year round. This program also comes with a product guarantee for up to 10 years parts and labor warranty.

This is offered for furnace filters and humidifier pads.

10 year limited manufacturer warranty on most units

For The Heating Ninja installs only.