Humidifier Installation, Repair & Service

Satisfaction guaranteed! We use only high quality brands that come with a 5 year warranty for your peace of mind and ultimate satisfaction.

Humidifier Installation

Alberta home builders are required to install humidifiers in all homes across Alberta. They do this with the most cost effective products available to install.

Over the past 3 years we have replaced over 160 units with humidifiers we trust and rely on to make your home more comfortable.

Our high quality brands come with a 5 year warranty and we cover all of our work for 1 year. As professionals, we make sure that the system we choose will work best in your home, with easy maintenance, and double check for leaks and proper installation!

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

Before Matt’s service came about, I was lucky if I got around to changing my furnace filters 3-4 times a year. When I did get around to it they were way beyond useful, I was working my furnace really hard. Now I have peace of mind knowing they are getting exchanged on time without over-taxing my furnace. We also recognized the basement wasn’t getting sufficient air exchange and was quite a bit colder then the rest of the house. The matter was tackled quickly and he knew precisely what the situation needed. Punched a few holes in the ventilation and increased the circulation a lot. Now, we have the same temperature all around, thanks Matt!”

James Powne

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