Furnace Filter Delivery Program

Never forget to replace your furnace filter again. Select the size of filter you require, how often you need to replace your filter and we’ll do the rest!

Furnace Filter Delivery Program

In order for your system to work to the best ability and avoid damages it is very important to replace your filter. Not only does your filter trap dust and dirt, it supplies fresh clean air to your furnace and breathing air.

When you don’t replace your filters, the furnace blower motor must work harder to take in the air which slowly damages your system.

Air Conditioners also restrict air, therefore it is best to use the right filter and replace them each month.

Filters help to reduce allergens and dust from spreading throughout your home!

Furnace Filter Delivery Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Billing & Delivery Work?

Your first filter will be delivered the first week of the month following your purchase. Recurring billing will commence the following month. For example, you purchase our Filter Delivery Service on the 3rd of the October. You can expect your filter to be delivered within the first week of November. Your second billing will automatically occur on the 1st of December if on a monthly delivery program. (or the 1st of February, if you purchased a filter with a 3 month replacement schedule)

What if I Need Faster Filter Delivery?

We will do our best to meet your needs. Please use the comments box on the payment form to indicate when you require your filter to be delivered. We will contact you to discuss your personal needs within 2 business days.

Not Sure What Type of Filter You Need?

You’re not alone! Ask us about the best type of filter for your home.